How To: Make Your Own One-Piece Outfit

By Chris Coyle

It has come to my attention that there is nothing you can’t make with a thrift store, some duct tape, and a go-get-’em ‘tude. This month I was challenged by a friend to come up with a one-piece shred outfit for under ten bucks. He obviously didn’t know who the hell he was dealing with.

What you’ll need:

One sleeping bag (preferably with vinyl outer shell)

One roll of duct tape

A pair of scissors


Cut a hole for your head.


Two for the arms.


Now it gets tricky. Spread your legs and cut straight up the middle, leaving an even amount of fabric on either side.


Wrap the excess material around each leg, taking the overlapping stuff off.


Duct tape the hell out of the legs.


Now wrap the remaining material around your arms-more duct tape.


Grab your shred stick, and head for the hills.