How To: Go Snowboarding For $11.85.

Words And Photos By Chris Coyle

One of the biggest drawbacks to snowboarding is the cost. With the price of lift tickets, gas, and gear, you gotta be one of them inter-Web millionaires just to get yer shred on. That’s why we’re always on the look out for money-saving ideas here at ol’ TWS. This month I took a trip to the local thrift store to see what kind of bargains they were offerin’ up. Boy, oh boy, I got more than I could ever dream of. Not only did I come out with a sick stick, jacket, gogs, and gloves-I got the f-king snow, too! I wouldn’t joke about that shit. This is just too good to screw up with words, check it out:

Barfoot Snowboard: $5

Boots, size twelve: $2

Bag of assorted spray snow: $3

Goggles: $.50

Jacket: $1.35

Gloves: In the free bin!

Find a downhill surface and apply the snow liberally.

When you think you put on enough, add some more.

Stare down that white wave and say something tough like, “I’m gonna shred you, bitch!”

Bag some sweet airtime.

Throw some slashes. Notice the roost he’s throwin’ in the back?

Head to the lodge (or in front of your house), throw out some vibes, and wait for the chicks to swarm.