How To Snowboard: Frontside Crippler In The Pipe

With Louie Vito

The Crippler might be the best trick name of all time. It's also a great intro to going upside-down in the tube. Louie V offers up the stepping-stone to some of today's heaviest tricks.

Approach: It's best to learn this trick as a one-hitter. Pick your wall, and scope the angle. You'll be able to spin faster if the wall's more vertical, but you'll need to pop less to prevent a flat landing. On a mellower angle, you'll need to pop harder to get the flip around.

Takeoff: Ride across the flatbottom on your toes, with your weight over your back foot. Pick a slightly steeper line than your straight airs and wind up as you approach the vert. As your front foot leaves the lip, snap your back leg, and thrown your head and back arm over your front shoulder to initiate the flip.

Maneuver: Bring your knees right up to your chest, grabbing your board to help keep your body tight. Continue looking over your front shoulder, pulling with your grabbing hand if you need some extra power to get 'er around.

Landing: You should be able to spot your landing and the lip as soon as you begin looking over your shoulder. Release the grab, set your board down on the heel edge, and start taking them higher and farther with each pass.

Remember: Before stepping up to Cripplers, make sure you're comfortable flipping, both on and off your snowboard. Practice on trampolines first to learn some air awareness, slowly taking them to small jumps, and eventually the halfpipe.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to the Crippler is to wait until your board is completely out of the halfpipe before throwing your flip. Leaving too early can lead to flat landings—especially dangerous when flipping in the pipe.

Louie Vito. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

From the December 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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