How To Snowboard: Frontside Alley-Oop With Jack Mitrani

How To Snowboard: Frontside Alley-Oop

With Jack Mitrani

The frontside ally-oop is one of the most fun halfpipe tricks ever, stalled rotations in the pipe are a style master's wet dream. Jack Mitrani knows when to hold 'em, pausing time in this Sierra-at-Tahoe Superpipe so why not let him teach you!

Approach: Ride across the flatbottom just as you would for a standard backside air in the pipe. Stay on your heels and keep your weight focused over your back leg.

Takeoff: Make sure to wait until your tail fully leaves the lip to begin your spin. Let the momentum shoot you from the pipe—no need to overthrow your arms or head. Don't pop too early, or you can land too low in the transition.

Maneuver: As soon as you're in the air, look back uphill and over your front shoulder to begin the alley-oop spin, remembering to look down to spot the lip. Let your body follow and try grabbing Indy to keep balanced and parallel to the wall.

Landing: As you're re-entering the halfpipe, line up with the lip and shift your weight to your toe edge. You want to land on your toes and immediately get ready to charge the next hit with speed.

Remember: This is one of the best style tricks in the pipe. Grab Indy or whatever your heart desires to keep you from flailing and looking like a kook! Send it!

Trick To The Trick: The trick to the frontside alley-oop in the pipe is to keep the exact same line as any backside air. Don't try to switch it up and go too straight up the wall or too far down!


How To: Frontside Alley-Oop With Jack Mitrani

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