How To Snowboard: Frontside 180 Switch Tailpress to Switch Back 180 Out

With Darrell Mathes

Darrell ups the ante with one of the most stylish combos in the game. Learn to hold 'em proper and smooth with this tech breakdown.

Approach: Come in on a slight toe edge, switching over to your heels as you approach the lip.

Takeoff: Set yourself a board's width to the right of the rail (left, if goofy), opening your shoulders to the feature just as you're cracking that ollie.

Maneuver: Land in the center of the feature with all your weight over your back foot. Bend your back knee, keep your shoulders in line with the feature, and hold your body as straight down the rail as possible.

Landing: Begin to slowly rotate your head and front shoulder backside about a foot before the end of the feature. Quickly spot the landing zone between your legs, and stomp it.

Remember: Regardless of what feature you're taking this trick to, it's just an elaborate flatland butter combo. Dial it first on the snow, and then take it anywhere on the hill, park, or streets.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to the front 180 to switch 5-0 is committing to the entire front 180, landing with your board completely parallel with the rail.

Darrell Mathes. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

From the October 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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