How To Snowboard: Backside Lipslide With Nick Dirks

How To Snowboard: Backside Lipslide

With Nick Dirks

Nick Dirks focuses on keeping it clean with this Keystone downrail, showcasing a true commitment trick. A must-have for everyone's rail arsenal

Approach: When you're learning backlips, come in just as you would for a backside 50-50. Pick the line that's most comfortable for you—not a trick to try a new takeoff style with.

Takeoff: The initial takeoff is the most important part of this trick. It's better to ollie too hard than not enough: too much and you'll slide off and have to start again, but too little and you can catch your tail—not fun. Ollie your entire board over the metal, kicking your back leg out to a full 90 degrees before landing on the rail.

Maneuver: Land fully sideways, with the rail between your legs and your head looking under your front arm for the end.

Landing: As you approach the end, don't get nervous. Maintain your shoulder and head position pointing toward the landing zone. Drop your front shoulder down toward the snow, setting your toe edge in when you land to assure a solid landing.

Remember: Stay parallel with the rail as you're coming in. Too much of an angle and you'll slip right off to the outside.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to a proper backlip is to make sure to completely ollie your tail over the feature before beginning to turn the board a full 90 degrees.


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