How To Snowboard: Backside 180 to Switch 50-50 to Half Cab Out With Eiki Helgason

How To Snowboard:Backside 180 to Switch 50-50 to HalfCab Out

With Eiki Helgason

Eiki spins on blind and bold. A heavy combo at first, but also natural and fun. Well, once the fears subside …

Approach: Before stepping to the back 180 on, work through flat-based back 180s on the trails and switch 50-50s on boxes and rails.

Takeoff: Leave the lip one-and-a-half feet to the side of the rail. Too close and you can hook your nose on the spin, while too far will have you traveling a long way, catching the rail at a steep angle.

Maneuver: Catch the rail with your toes, immediately transferring into a flat base. Look at the takeoff briefly to slow your spin and hold the board in line.

Landing: When you're nearing the end of the slide, allow your shoulders to first come back to center and then open up into a half-Cab. Stomp it regs, keeping your arms down—ain't a thing.

Remember: Ride out the full switch 50-50, keeping your shoulders back when catching the rail. Slowly bring them parallel, opening up for the half-Cab just before the end.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to learning backside 180s onto rails is the catch; softly come to the rail with the toes, landing with your weight centered over the rail and your feet sliding on a completely flat base.

Eiki Helgason. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

From the April 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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