How To Snowboard: Alley-Oop Backside Rodeo to Fakie With JJ Thomas

How To Snowboard: Alley-Oop Backside Rodeo to Fakie

With JJ Thomas

JJ takes the pass from Jack, upping the alley-oop game with one of his favorite contest tricks. Time to take your pipe tricks to the next level. Let JJ Thomas teach you this rad trick. 

Approach: The best part of this trick is that you can learn it either one foot out of the pipe or ten. Approach the wall just as you would for a mellow air-to-fakie, keeping a strong toe-edge line and leading slightly down the halfpipe wall.

Takeoff: This trick is won and lost in the takeoff. Don't leave too early, continue to hold that toe edge, and launch off your tail just as you're leaving the lip.

Maneuver: Initiate the flip off of your tail, immediately looking for the melon grab. Continue to reach straight back with your head throughout, fully committing to the rotation. Bringing your knees up to your chest will help increase your flip speed.

Landing: As soon as you're halfway through the backflip, the lip will come back into view. Don't make the common mistake of stopping your rotation though; continue your momentum all the way until your board comes back into the wall riding fakie.

Remember: Don't take too steep of a line up the halfpipe wall. You'll flip a bit easier, but also risk taking it right to the flatbottom.

Trick To The Trick: Remember to tell yourself that all you're doing is basically throwing a backflip off of your back foot. Keep it mellow, learn it small, and you'll be fine.


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