Hood Erupts With The Bonfire Pipe To Pipe

Words: Gerhard Gross

The Pipe To Pipe went off on Sunday. Salomon TM and event MC, Java Fernandez, joked that the last time he saw this much action, "It was pitch black and I had to smell my way back to safety." We'll leave it to your imagination to decide what Java was up to, but needless to say, the contest held at Windells summer camp on Mt. Hood, Oregon was hype.

Over 135 participants signed up in the men's and women's Am and Pro categories to session the side-by-side mini pipes lined with boxes and rails. Chaos ruled in the jam format with everyone from six-year-old kids to 30-year-old men randomly dropping in. The result was often near disaster as two or more riders approached obstacles blind, at the same time. Getting inverted was strongly encouraged and runs were filled with every variation of handplant, frontflip, and backflip. Miraculously, no one was injured, but it made for plenty of Oohs and Ahhs from the crowd and the esteemed panel of judges including Chris Grenier, Harrison Gordon, Bode Merrill, Jess Kimura, and Cameron Weeg. Grenier was loving every moment, shouting encouraging slogans from the judges tent--"It was really hard to judge," he said, "because everyone was dropping hammers."

As the longest running summer snowboard event, the Pipe To Pipe was conceived 14 years ago by Tim Windell as a way to promote camaraderie between the many camps that existed at Hood at the time. He also wanted to allow the public into the camp so they wouldn’t have to poach (for one day at least). The contest has continued for so long, "as a way to bring everyone together as community--we're all in it for the same reason...fun," says Windell.

In that spirit of inclusion an Industry Optional category was added this year to encourage desk jockeys to temporarily swap their keyboards for snowboards. The new category brought out the likes of Northwest Rep extraordinaire Dustin Anderson, Pow Gloves' John Kaiser, Arnette's Robbie Sell, Volcom's Alex Lopez, and graphic designer Dave Doman.

After the snow portion of the event wrapped, the crowd headed down the hill to Windells base camp. The day ended with a serious display of the Northwest's best skating in Windells vast concrete park.  Whether snowboarding or skateboarding was the highlight of the day is tough to call--but there’s no doubt it was a damn good time.


Ladies Am
1. Noelle Edwards
2. Livia Molodyh
3. Karen Koybashi

Ladies Pro
1. Marie Hucal
2. Kelly Underwood
3. Laura Rogoski

Men’s Am
1. Charlie Mayforth
2. Jeremy Nyland
3. Jake Mayers

Men’s Pro
1. Kyle Loppicilo ($600)
2. Sawyer Deen ($250)
3. Justin Fronious ($100)

Honorable Mention: Spencer Shubert

Spirit Award (2012 Session 1 at Windells): Charlie Mayforth

Industry Optional
1. Dustin Anderson
2. (Tie) Robbie Sell and Alex Lopez
3. Dave Doman


1. Lindsea Lumpkin
2. Ashley Jones
3. Traci Green

Am Under 15
1. Jake Selover
2. Kyle Ward
3. Zach Walker

Am Over 15
1. Nick Peterson
2. Frank Richardson
3. Jasper Kahn

1. Willie Kimbel ($500)
2. Danny Tumia ($250)
3. Kevin Kawasaiki ($100)

Best Trick: Rion Linderman for a 540 and teeth loss ($100)