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Alex Yoder hasn't paid rent in five years, thanks to a $1,700 investment in this hallmark popup camper. “It's a good price for a house," he says of his purchase. "Homeowner," he continued.

Read on to see inside Yoder’s home a la wheels.

Words: Alex Yoder

Photos: Andy Wright


I always liked the idea of being like a hermit crab—having your house on your back and just being able to sleep wherever you end up.


It came with a propane furnace and it broke so I put in this catalytic heater, which uses barely any propane, and it's really warm. I was camping in minus 20 temps in Jackson and it was fine.


Me, Blake [Paul] and Guch [Bryan Iguchi] slept in here earlier this year, and it's great. Only one person can move around at a time, but you can sleep three or four people, no problem. It's got a two-burner stove, a sink, and a ten-gallon water tank.


I'm not paying rent so I guess it evens out carbon-emissions-wise. It's probably a little bit less than heating a home. I get about 15 to 18 miles per gallon. I had to put an extra leaf spring on the back suspension to carry the weight better.


 The box on the back is like a porch, board box, and I put a rail on it so you can skate it if you want to. I usually keep five boards in there or something, and splitboard stuff—snowshoes, skins, and poles.

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