Centered around a 12-foot deep bowl at the base of Park City the Holy Bowly course spills out into a series of boobs, berms, rollers, hips, and volcanoes all blending into nearly endless lines. There is not a traditional takeoff or transition in sight thanks to Lib Tech's Krush Kulesza who worked for seven days with the Park City park crew hand-sculpting every curve to create a one-of-a-kind course three-times bigger than any previous Holy Bowly. With no right or wrong way to ride the setup the challenge on day one of the five-day gathering was to discover which lines worked best.

Setting their edges to the task were a highly creative and stylish collection of riders including Forest Bailey, Scott Blum, Austin Hironaka, Sam Taxwood, Sage Kotsenburg, Blake Paul, Chris Grenier, Jake Olson-Elm, Wes Makepeace, Joe Sexton, Keegan Valaika, Johnny Brady, Desiree Melancon, Ted Borland, Mike Rav, Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese, Jeff Keenan, Ben Bogart, Chris Bradshaw, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, Brandon Hammid, Tim Eddy, Scott Stevens, Russell Winfield, The Brothers Warbington, and Justin Bennee to name a few.

As the group trained through the course new lines and progressively harder tricks were met with "Ahhs" of approval and the muted clapping of gloved hands from those waiting to drop in. Still, after four hours of riding only a fraction of the lines had been tapped to their full potential leaving plenty to be discovered in the coming days.

On Saturday, April 19 another 50 riders will join the invited 80 sessioning this week before the Holy Bowly opens to the public on Sunday.

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Bode Merrill and Alex Sherman on the slash train. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Griffin Siebert takes the drainage out of the main bowl. PHOTO: Andy Wright