Donald Hodge, founder and owner of Spirakut Ski Products, and Christian Roemlein, managing director of Holmenkol, announced in August that Holmenkol had purchased Spirakut.

Financial details were not released. Even though a financial transaction was involved, the move is more like a merger for both companies.

According to Ryan Ettrum, Spiracut's vice president of sales and marketing, no major changes are planned. However, the entire line Holmenkol product will now be available in addition to theirs.

“Don Hodge didn't want to sell to someone who would come in and make too many changes–he was happy with the way things were,” says Ettrum

“The purchase by Holmenkol will catapult the new company, called Holmenkol Spirakut Sport Products, Inc., into the twenty-first century and make available new products and technical know-how to its dealer base of more than 3,000 accounts in North America,” says Roemlein.

The current management team will remain in Hailey, Idaho but job descriptions are changing. The rep system of more than twenty agencies in North America will remain in place as well.