Holland And Ricker Pull Banked Slalom Titles

Staring out the window of the Wake and Bakery on the way to Mount Baker. All photos Chris Wellhausen.

Holland And Ricker Pull Banked Slalom Titles

The 24th annual Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom came to a close with a chattering finish as riders just tried to stay on their feet for their final run. No new snow plus hundreds of boards barreling down the course made for a thundering trek through the gates. A motocross course melding with an icy luge was a good way to describe the passage through the gates on Sunday. But the better of two runs on finals day provided a little room for redemption.

Even though the LBS is a laid back, grassroots event, come Sunday everyone's grille was barely masking a hunger for a top finish. Damn, a golden roll of duct tape never looked so good. The allure of duct tape trophies seemed to catch the attention of even more seasoned boardercross racers this year too. The men's pro division leader of the weekend Graham Wantanabe remarked on his first appearance at the event noting, "The vibe is awesome, it's such a great change and break from the boardercross circuit."

Carnage through the gates with snow flying everywhere during the final runs kept riders weary of their time and more focused on just making it to the finish line without any big scrubs. Maria DeBari even caught up with Robyn Borneman after her mid run spill causing some chaos down the run. They both got another go and landed fourth and ninth place.

Local Lucas DeBari took a nasty spill first run but made up for it and snagged fourteenth place. Blair Habenicht who was seriously ill from some poor seafood was exiting fluids like a floodgate before and after his run and landed sixth place. Kid is solid. Of the top ten men's finishers coming through the finals gate, eight of them had all taken a spill.

The chase for the Anderdewski trophy was also heated this year. The long-standing battle between Transworld alumni Dave Sypnieskwi and Volcom head Billy Anderson race was also heated. Wagers were stacked and the trophy went to Billy with a 1:33.25 under Sypniewski's 1:36.307.

For the pro women, the last heat came down to eight riders. Tara Dakides had her first trip here and caught eighth place. Victoria Jealouse led some of the smoothest runs at the top and ended with seventh place. The afternoon ceremony went to Maelle Ricker with first place and her third consecutive win. With second and third going to Helene Olafsen and Marni Yamada.

In the end, Nate Holland of Truckee shook the local scene not only by taking home the coveted first place in the men's pro division, but by disrepsecting many a local later that evening. His time of 1:26.86 just snuck under second place finisher Graham Wantanabe. Third place went to repeat podium slayer and northwest icon Temple Cummins with a time of 1:27.71.

The Craig Kelly Award to the Dobis family for their support of snowboarding and community over many years. Community is fervent here in the Northwest and the place holds a unique piece in snowboarding and it’s collective following. This contest is proof, make it a point to get here.

2009 Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom Finals


Pro (for complete results click here)
1. Maelle Ricker 1:34.12 (Squamish, British Columbia)
2. Helene Olafsen 1:34.78 (Oppegard Norway)
3. Marni Yamada 1:36.08 (Seattle, Washington)

Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Weeg Simmons 1:47.24 (Glacier, Washington)
2. Christine Zander 1:54.62 (Glacier, Washington)
3. Cece Briggs 2:06.98 (Bellingham, Washington)

Amateurs (for complete results click here)
1. Danielle Davis 1:45.63 (Glacier, Washington)
2. Hilary Vanderlind 1:46.56 (Glacier, Washington)
3. Julia Hamre 1:49.44 (Ringebu, Norway)


Pro (for complete results click here)
1. Nate Holland 1:26.86 (Truckee, California)
2. Graham Wantanabe 1:26.99 (Hailey, Idaho)
3. Temple Cummins 1:27.71 (Gig Harbor, Washington)

Pro Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Ludovic Strohl 1:29.28 (Meribel, France)
2. Tim Carlson 1:34.141 (Monroe, Washington)
3. Alex Warburton 1:34.143 (Squamish, British Columbia)

Super Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Bob Satushek 2:20.47 (Deming, Washington)

Grand Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Jim "JT" Taylor 1:58.18 (Burlington, Washington)
2. Eddie Layne 1:59.16 (Winthrop, Washington)
3. Kevin Boyce 2:03.60 (Bellingham, Washington)

Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Marcel Dolak 1:35.99 (Redmond, Washington)
2. Adam Haynes 1:37.34 (Bend, Oregon)
3. Kevin Eichner 1:37.85 (Portland, Oregon)

Mid Masters (for complete results click here)
1. Dave Wray 1:39.71 (Portland, Oregon)
2. Gorio Bustamante 1:41.97 (Seattle, Washington)
3. Johan Malkoski 1:44.98 (Seattle, Washington)

Older Amateurs (for complete results click here)
1. Craig Newbury 1:31.67 (Mount Vernon, Washington)
2. Forrest Burki 1:31.95 (Gig Harbor, Washington)
3. Mathew Berglund 1:32.00 (Crested Butte, Colorado)

Young Amateurs (for complete results click here)
1. Logan Beaulleu 1:33.42 (Bend, Oregon)
2. Tucker Andrews 1:33.84 (Crested Butte, Colorado)
3. Austin Sweetin 1:34.96 (Seattle, Washington)

Juniors (for complete results click here)
1. Gus Warbington 1:38.53 (Bend, Oregon)
2. Max Warbington 141.01 (Bend, Oregon)
3. Odin Barnett 1:42.60 (Bellingham, Washington)

Next Generation
1. Hank Kennedy 1:55.08 (Glacier, Washington)
2. Dylan Adams 2:27.85 (Auburn Washington)

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