Holden Spring 2004 Team News

Hello and welcome to the Holden team update for Spring 2004. This is Mikey LeBlanc reporting to you. So to start things off, I want to say thanks to all the people involved in Holden. And a big welcome to our new sales/marketing man Brad Alband, an amazing addition to the people at Holden. So on to the dirt.

Let’s start strong with Wittlake. I was just in Portland kicking off the 2005/06 Holden outerwear designs with Scott Z, and the night I arrived it was my birthday. I’m 31 now. Anyway, Scotty met me for drinks and he told me what was going on. He has recently converted his diesel truck so that it runs on veggie oil. He says all his new outerwear is covered, along with all his clothes and his house. Everything in his life is covered in oil. This is how it works- he collects used oil from restaurants (he says the teriyaki joint on Hawthorne has the cleanest oil he’s found yet) then he strains the chunks out, and pours it into one of the two gas tanks in his truck. He has to heat up the engine on regular diesel, then after about 5 minutes, he switches it over to straight veggie oil. This only increases Scotty’s ability to live the endless winter dream…on a really low budget. He still snowboards more than anyone I know and lands everything. No shit.

Ok Andy Forgash. Forgash has been filming a lot, and traveling all over. Since the New Year he’s been in Utah, NY, Oregon, Tahoe, Mammoth, Baker, etc. He’s riding for 5150 now. He also has what Hebbel and Mitch Nelson are calling the “best back lip ever for his section in Love/Hate. He’s also all over the mags, mostly due to monthly appearances in the Yellow Snow section in TW Snow mag. That’s where the fun happens, Forgash=never boring.

Louie Fountain. Old Louie is filming with the Robot Food dudes, and he’s been at it all season hard. Since the Robots are always on the road, and never within any sort of cell reception, I actually have no idea how he’s doing. But I know he’s alive and he has twins….

Justin Hebbel has been neck deep in PRESSURE. Self-inflicted and hitting the filming hard. He just returned from Alaska where there’s still powder to be found. Lucky man. Hebs has some amazing footage for Love/Hate. What else? He’s got his own thing going on when it comes to style. White wrestling shoes and white jeans? Kids…Don’t worry we are working on making him just like us.

Jon Kooley also was on the Alaska trip and he’s a trooper. Kooley does what he likes, which is usually gnarly. Kooley, like Scotty, snowboards every day he can as long as he can walk. He’s putting together a sick part for Love/Hate. Getting tech on everything. What else? He’s tall with real good style. A true rarity in this little thing we do.

Corey Smith. He’s in art school. He’s a pro snowboarder. He actually sells his paintings consistently at his showings. Corey is driven, also a rarity in people these days. I think Corey’s figured out the mixture that makes the cake. Drive + talent = success. Like his part last year in Neoproto, he’s gonna have a unique style again. Look for it. Actually I’ve been cruising around with ol’ Corey when he’s looking for stuff to hit on the board, and he points out the weirdest things. Everyone looks at him like he’s crazy, but he makes unconventional things look good. I think the paints are part of it, like Picasso, eatin’ that shit…Crrrr-aaaaa-zy.

On to Matty Ryan. He is a not so permanent fixture of my house. He’s been crashing for free and on the party train, until last week, when Matty put down the bottle and started on the road to recovery riding everyday with Bozung and Jordan Mendenhal. He’s going home tomorrow to NH, by way of NYC. Headed back to his home turf. Keepin’ the roots so to speak. Matty’s always about keeping it real…at least how he sees it all to be real. We have some good conversations at the house about the bigger things. I think Matty’s gonna be alright. I really do.

And on to Darrel Mathes. Absolutely ROBBED of the rookiie of the year honors by all the magazines out there- writing their little honors before the facts were in. Watch his part in Livin’ Proof. It’s digital proof of that…reminds me of the whole presidential race last time around. A hoax. That said, watch for Darrel in the Love/ Hate video. He has all the skills. I’m gonna claim it…one kid like this every five years. Darrel rides for Ride and Technine, along with some other people too.

Ok, Ok, Mikey LeBlanc. He’s 31. He’s just coming off a 2.5-month injury. A broken wrist on January 6th has put Big Mike outta the game for a while, but my plans are to take advantage of all the snow, anywhere it may be, and salvage a video part for Love/Hate. It’s gonna be a beat down, but well worth it in the end. I feel like I missed out on a lot of the fun. I also hope to at least get a few powder turns in. Pray for me if you pray. If ya don’t, do what ya do. As of March 31, I have exactly zero jumps for my part, except off of some stairs over a barbed wire fence…if you count that as air…so check that out at www.lovehatemovie.com. The teasers are up. What else? I want to remind you all to go get registered for voting now…today…get a download and do it from your computer at www.workingforchange.com/vote……now. Don’t be lazy.

Other news? You know what’s going on with the Holden riders for Love/Hate. But as far as the video goes they are not the only ones doing this. Marc Frank Montoya is AMAZING. Smooth as butter, and loggin’ mad shots. Mitch Nelson, call it a comeback. He is sitting on some of the best shit in the movie. And same for Jordan Mendenhal, TJ Schenider, and his bro Dwayne. Get ready for the video, you’re gonna watch it every damn day…twice.

Until next time, peace out.—Mikey LeBlanc

Mandatory sales info:

Love/Hate is a full length snowboarding video that will exclusively feature the riding of Mikey LeBlanc, Marc Frank Montoya, Justin Hebbel, Matty Ryan, Jordan Mendenhal, Andy Forgash, TJ Schneider, BJ Leines, Darrel Mathes, Corey Smith, Janna Meyen, Mitch Nelson, Jon Kooley, Louie Fountain, Nate Bozung and Scotty Wittlake.

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