Hits: Trisha Yearwood

Where Your Road Leads

MCA Nashville

Trisha Yearwood’s Where Your Road Leads is a wonderful example of her moving lyrics and powerful vocals. This is a great follow up to her last release, The Songbook. If you’re in the mood to sit back and relax after a long day of big moves on the mountain, you should think about popping in Where Your Road Leads, because it will truly mooove you. Where Your Road Leads has a huge variety of tunes, all the way from slow tempo to foot-stompin’, knee-slappin’ down-home country-good for any type of shindig.

The duet “Where Your Road Leads” sung with Garth Brooks is an amazing example of two country singers gettin’ together and puttin’ a hit track down. Trisha is influenced by the music she listened to growing up, such as the Rolling Stones, and you can hear it on this album. “Well, the older you get, the braver you get,” said Trisha recently. This statement really shows how she went out on a limb to make Where The Road Leads a huge success.

So if you even think you are a brave person out there on the slopes, run to the store and pick up this powerful new release by Trisha.-Leslee Olson and Aurelie Sayers


This album is perfect-that is if I was driving my new Toyota T-100 to the mall to get eye-liner to match my new cowboy boots. This is new country at its best: you get a semi-throaty chick who ain’t hard to look at, then over-produce pop songs with a twang. Maybe even throw in a duet with another new country star and win the Country Music Academy Award for song most played when couples break up at a two-step line dance club.-Jane Doe, a woman who listen to singers like Jessi Colter and Lorretta Lynn