Hits: Sue Gardner and Rick Brown

Sue Gardner and Rick Brown


Thrill Jockey

Sue Garner and Rick Brown have enjoyed a long relationship filled with many diverse musical collaborations. After bands such as Run On, Fish and Roses, and Peach Cobbler, their love for each other and a common musical vision has inspired the couple's first solo project. Still, the latest release by these New York-based art-rock lovebugs, is a celebration of process and the intimacy of home recording. Their constant tinkering, quilting layers of found-sound (sound recorded from daily life) with traditional instrument and voice has landed them an organic gem filled with the warmth of homemade chicken soup.

As a couple, their confidence and creative freedom takes the idea of song as concept and turns it inside out. Still takes you on a liberating adventure through American jazz, backwoods folk, moments of poly-rhythmic percussion, and fine abstraction that create soundscapes never quite experienced before. Listening to Still is a bit like dreaming just in sound–the structure continually builds and wanes. This sundae is topped with the warm caramel of Garner's country-tinged voice. Their work is a beautiful and complex sample of what is happening in the post-rock era.–Randy Gaetano