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The Sebadoh

Sub Pop

What is The Sebadoh? Why it’s a new line of Play-Doh from Sebastapol, silly … Uh, it’s actually the seventh album created by Lou Barlow, Jason Lowenstein, and new drummer Russ Pollard-fifteen songs that contain a balance of powerful choruses, delicate ballads, and rocking solos.

I’m not a music critic, but I know what I like, and I like the fact that Sebadoh provides variety on every album. While Barlow raises questions about the past in “Thrive,” Lowenstein screams for the unexpected in “Drag Down.” It’s easy to relate to many of The Sebadoh’s tunes-these lyrics seem to have a finger on the pulse of so many emotions. Lou Barlow has a talent for accurately expressing himself, and he’s taken this gift to new levels on “Love Is Stronger” and “Tree”-“Pleasure takes its toll/ People lose control every day/ Hypocrites like us deserve a little trust along the way.”

Whether you’re familiar with Sebadoh’s music or not, you won’t be left feeling like you should’ve bought something else. After all, The Sebadoh could be compared to a Play-Doh Fun Factory ’cause it’s got something for everyone.-Shem Roose