Hits: Rob Zombie

By Chappy Hellbilly

Hellbilly Deluxe

Geffen Records

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been afraid of hillbillies ever since the movie Deliverance scarred me as a young boy. Nothing scares me more than the mere thought of being stuck in the forest with a slack-jawed inbred who keeps commenting on how I’ve got perrty teeth. Rob Zombie ain’t no hillbilly, though, he’s a hellbilly, and he’s got a band ugly as sin backing him up-Blasko (bass), Riggs (guitar), and Tempesta (drums).

Rob’s definitely kept his music going in a strong, pressing-toward-industrial direction on this album, which disappointed me a little. I prefer the “metal” sound of the La Sexorsisto album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still heavier than a backwoods sister-wife in the riff department, and the lyrics are chock-full of destruction, demons, hotrods, chicks, and Satan-all the good stuff you’d expect to find in a Zombie album. “Superbeast,” “Living Dead Girl,” “Perversion 99,” and “Meet the Creeper” made me feel so good I inadvertently burned a pentagram in my neighbors’ lawn.

I almost forgot to add that Rob was cool enough to let Tommy Lee kick some drum tracks on the album before going into the slammer for kicking his wife in the back-what a guy.

I’m not sure how hellbillies do things, but this music just might pull your pants down, bend you over, and twist your ear ’til you squeal like a pig.