Hits: Lagwagon


Let’s Talk About Feelings

Fat Wreck Chords

Lagwagon has a knack for making pop-punk songs that manage to be simultaneously powerful and sensitive. The lyrics, although vague in spots, are more often than not profound, filled with all the anger, despair, and lost love that go along with being alive.

The band definitely isn’t crying behind any nerdy eyeglasses, and they never sound overly sentimental or syrupy (unlike some of the other bands that tackle similar subjects, especially those in the emo-rock category).

Let’s Talk About Feelings is fun in places, too, it’ll make you want to bounce around.

The only complaint is with a couple of the last songs: by borrowing from some of the positive aspects of emo rock-slow, melodic, and suspenseful buildups, complete with complicated jazz-influenced drumming and a flurry of dramatic crescendos-they make you think something meaningful and surprising may happen. But just at the very point where it could, the band reverts abruptly back to their old “one-two” pop-punk formula. Despite this, the album is a pretty good listen, and a must for the many longtime Lagwagon fans.-Justin Hocking