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Screeching Weasel

Television City Dream

I’ve never seen a weasel up close and personal, but my friend Slim used to have a ferret. I hated that ferret. I would be walking through the house barefoot, and all of a sudden his ferret would jump out from behind the couch and attack my toes-once so severely that I had to get my pinky toe amputated. Well, eventually Slim’s ferret ran away and my toes have been safe ever since. How does this story relate to this CD review? I dislike this band about as much as disliked that ferret.

Mad Caddies

Duck and Cover

If you like the sound of punk rock and ska mixed together, you will love this band. Enough said.


Tweet Tweet My Lovely

Upbeat and semi-fast, Snuff offers listeners some pretty decent music. I prefer bands to incorporate a little more depression into their happiness, but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure it won’t change the fact that almost every carload of snowboarders going up to Big Bear, California this winter will have this CD on, full volume, in their mom’s Volvo.

Swinging Utters

Five Lessons Learned

Never before having listened to the Swinging Utters, I was completely surprised to find out these guys rock so hard. I was expecting some typical happy punk-rock band but instead heard nothing but good old rock and roll. They incorporate piano and horns on some of their tracks, offering a good break from the bands that stick to plain old guitar riffs and drum solos. This CD is nonstop from the beginning to the end. Get your ass down to the store and buy it.

Strung Out

Twisted By Design

First, let me list a few of the bands that these guys thank: Lagwagon, The Offspring, Biohazard, and No Use For A Name. Second, try to put two and two together. Third, have fun guessing who this band sounds like. Fourth, let me give you a little hint: all of the above.


Breakfast at Pappa’s

Lay off the coffee before putting this CD in, or else a heart attack is imminent. Fast guitar and drums with some pretty funny lyrics. These guys get a solid B+ for effort.