Hits: Boilermaker



(Wrenched Records)

Working on a snowboarding magazine in Southern California sucks. However, in order to cope with the ridiculous, it is always helpful to hype-up the positive. For instance, housed in this building are the staffs of TransWorld’s skate mags-people who actually belong in a place with no snow. They expose our staff to many non-snowboarding-related wonders, a lot of which is amazing underground (whatever that means) music we would have never heard otherwise. Some of this music is made by a Leucadia, California based “Leucadiacore” band called Boilermaker.

TW SKATEboarding’s assistant art director, whose musical tastes run-and are limited to-the spectrum between heavy-metal Satan-death hardcore and emo garage experimental indie rock, introduced me to Boilermaker. Anyone who relates to the above description will like this band. This album’s press release describes the music best: “unparalleled moving, heartfelt rock … paving the way for modern post-punk and 'emo.'” Don’t let that “emo” tag scare you-they’re not whiny, they’re just sometimes hard to listen to when you’re really sad. That’s good, though-it means they’re for real.

Boilermaker’s last release, Watercourse, might even be better than this one, but because it’s old, and the goal of this whole Hits column is to kiss big-label record-company-advertiser ass, we can’t review it. So let’s pretend this is really a review of their newest self-titled album, not a shameless plug for every album they’ve put out, and see if anyone catches on.

You can find these albums in the Independent section of your record store, or see if the store will order them for you. If you can’t find them anywhere, contact the record label directly at: Wrenched Records, 1071 6th Ave. #202, San Diego, California 92101 or e-mail: wrenrec@aol.com-you’ll be glad you did.