Hits 14.5: Serahtonic

Serahtonic, a three-year-old band from San Diego, California, is bringing new meaning to the do-it-yourself ethic. In order to release their first CD the way the band members envisioned it, they established their own record label and are responsible for all of the recording and mixing that makes up this fresh disc.

Filled with music that’s hard to classify but easy to enjoy, the tracks on this CD represent a wide variety of indie/alternative styles. It’s a great play anytime: driving to the mountains, chillin’ in your house-wherever. Songs like “Enter Space,” “She Can Riot,” and “Vopie” showcase the band’s electronic beat while offering guitar riffs, bass lines, and drum beats more traditional rock ‘n’ roll fans are sure to appreciate. For the more poppy at heart, try “Love Letters” and “Out Of Her Bag She Pulled A Heart”-listen for drums and cymbals simulating a train on the latter, tying the lyrics and the music seamlessly together.

Of course, even a good CD can’t compare to seeing this band live; each show is a uniquely creative multimedia experience-think kung-fu fighting chicks and Willy Wonka on an acid trip. So if any of this sounds appealing, grab some of your own DYI ethic and hunt down Together Alone Again For The First Time (it’s on such a small label, you won’t find it at the local megastore). Try serahtonic.com to order direct, or find a store nearby that carries Together.-Amy Lupu