Hits 14.5: Bare Naked Ladies

Having lived in Canada for the last sixteen years, I’ve been able to hear some Canadian bands before they ever (if they ever) made it big in the States. Well, many moons ago, the Bare Naked Ladies were one such band, and were banned from playing in Toronto due to their name. They joked around and made pop music. They tried to be pop comedians. They made a living, climbed the charts, and eventually made it in the States. They were living the dream-popular, rich, and famous. Then they released a new album called Maroon, which was number one in Canada in only a few days. Wow. Impressive.

If you like light, friendly, pop music, this band is definitely for you. But chances are you’re a snowboarder who likes punk or hip-hop, in which case you’ll hate this band’s music with a passion that can only be beaten by those who have been forced to hear it for the last ten years in Canada.-Justin Lamoureux