Mt. Snow teammates Jason Evans, Tristian Herbert, Elia Hamilton, and Bob Basil spent the winter putting over 20,000 miles on Jason’s Racing Rig as they criss-crossed across the country on the SNOSK8RS tour. They stopped by the TransWorld offices in Oceanside in late April on their way back home to Vermont-a 60-hour drive. Since they had nothing but time on their hands, we gave them the task of reviewing a bunch of soundtrack CDs-as if a 60-hour drive wasn’t torturous enough.

Jason Evans:

Ten Things I Hate About You

Hollywood Records

I was listening to talk radio, and it sucked, so I put in this CD. It was all right at first (remake of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” by Letters To Cleo and “FNT” by Semisonic), but then I had to go back to talk radio. The choice was country, talk radio, or this CD. Not too many choices when you’re driving through Arizona.



Movie soundtracks all seem to be plagued with the same problem, they have a few good songs (“25 to Life” by Xzibit, Juvenile, Nature, Ja-Rule, and Reptile) mixed in with many bad songs. This CD is no exception. Now, if you want a real soundtrack CD, then you should get Dazed and Confused, Forest Gump, or The Wedding Singer.

Tristan Herbert:



There is a reason this CD blows. The movie sucked. Sequels are one thing, but blatantly copying the exact same movie plot and changing the character names is another. The Truman Show and Ed TV are classic examples of the movie industry doing the played-out thing just to make a buck. Here is some advice, don’t bother with the CD or the movie. Spend your money on an under funded skin flick you can enjoy with your significant other. The music may not be better, but everyone likes a little boom-shaka-laka.



Tristan was supposed to review this one. He never wrote anything about it, but he did like it enough to take it to Costa Rica on his surfing trip. That says something about what he thought of it.

Elia Hamilton: I gave my CD reviews to Craig tech rep for Burton, based out of Mt. Snow because I didn’t think it would be fair for me to review soundtrack CDs-I hate all of them, even Evans’ favorite, The Wedding Singer.

Craig Hommel:

Never Been Kissed


I started listening to this CD at 4:00 p.m., and even with the appropriate break it was still bad at 4:30. It is your typical run-of-the mill modern rock only good for thirteen-year-old girls. With one bad song after another, the only light spot in an otherwise dark room was the Ozomatli (“Cumbia Delos Muertos”) tune placed in the mix.

Forces of Nature


Just looking at the cover of the CD will let you know how lame it sounds. The Propellerheads (“Take California”) song is a good one, but I have a DJ mix that has the same vocal track on it, so it reminded me of an old tape. This is a good CD to rate new people with. If they like it, you know that they watch Party of Five (like Elia), 90210, and Friends. It’s always good to know what kind of people you are hanging with.

Bob Basil:

Office Space


Interestingly enough, I happen to work in an office when we are not on the road, so I waited until I got back in my office to listen to it. I am not sure the connection between office work and gangsta rap, but this CD isn’t bad. Of course, I haven’t seen this movie yet, so who knows, maybe there is a connection. It kept me awake at my desk.


Work Group/Sony

I have a life-snowboarding, work, mountain biking, playing soccer-so I don’t have much of an opportunity to watch MTV. This is the MTV hip-hop/techno CD that all the kids are looking for for their all-night partying. As the movie says, life begins at 3:00 a.m.