Hintertux, Austria kicks off their season with a bang

Blazing season start in Hintertux!

Terrific weather and snowboard pros en masse grace the HOTZONE.TV Park Opening in Hintertux

What a start to the season! With best weather conditions, brand new gear ready to be tested, a perfectly shaped park and top riders like Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Colin Frei, Marco Grilc, Werni Stock, Chris Sörman amongst others the beginning of the new season was celebrated on the Hintertux glacier last weekend. Of course there was also a lot of partying going on, which went pretty wild thanks to international DJs and live acts. Over 4000 visitors found their way to the glacier this weekend and ensured that the HOTZONE.TV Park Opening was not only the first opening of the season, but also the best way to start it.

FRIDAY, October 2nd 2009

The event launched rather mellow on Friday with a mix of cloudy skies and sun. While the run on the test gear hadn't reached its full proportions yet, many shredders met again for the first time after the long summer break and with no queues at any lifts the first day of the HOTZONE.TV Park Opening 2009 in Hintertux offered perfect conditions to stomp the first tricks of the season in the Betterpark.

In the evening media representatives from all over Europe came together at the new Kleinen Tenne in Tux to be informed on the partners of the opening, HOTZONE.TV, TUX and HINTERTUXER GLETSCHER in a relaxed and easy fashion. Special highlights that were pointed out included the natural glacier crevasse Natur Eis Palast with its amazing, glistening ice formations that are worth more than a short glance. Furthermore, the only snowboard only online pro shop HOTZONE.TV revealed that you can now order their new team movie as well as the new catalogue-magazine for free on their website www.hotzone.tv. Later on the atmosphere changed from school-lesson to warm up party, where DJ’s Stereophonix, Rufflow and Mortal Kombat supported by MC’s Demograffics and Simple gave a beat-loaded preview of the main party on Saturday.

SATURDAY, October 3rd 2009

Saturday morning saw absolutely perfect conditions: bluebird and no wind, can it get any better? You could see the gondolas sparkling in the sun like pearls on a precious necklace from afar and the desire to finally get back to shred was risen to almost unbearable depths. This thought was shared by many this morning and so the parking lot was busy like a beehive from early morning on. Luckily that was no problem for the newly installed Gletscherbus 1 that got the masses on the mountain equally quick and comfortably.

At the Fernerhaus the hottest snowboard brands were already waiting with their test stands, where you couldn't only get an overview of the latest gear but also test the new boards, boots and bindings yourself. The test booths we're busy all day and the brands were very happy about testing frequency of the visitors and their interest in the new gear. DJ Rufflow and Stereophonix provided test area and the Gletscher Restaurant with relaxed beats all day long and on the terrace was a BBQ Grill installed especially cause of the opening!

A perfectly shaped park and pipe were waiting just below the Olperer peak to see the first tricks of the season being nailed. Big props to park designer Wille Kaufmann and the Betterpark shapers as well as the slopes team of the Hintertuxer glacier for that!

The open jam format Session of the Dudes that was held around noon wasn't only dominated by the above mentioned top riders and their amazing tricks, but newcomers like Ethan Morgen, Niki Korpela, David Bertschinger and HOTZONE.TV team riders Tini Gruber, Seppe & Anthony Smits, Peter König, Georg Huber, Thomas Tramnitz, Lars Oesterle, Rudi Kröll, Alex Walch, Benny Wetscher, Reini Rieser, Stefan Kisslinger and Daniel Mösl stood out with amazing performances on super high level as well. The probably best speaker in the whole wide world, Henry Jackson, motivated the riders with witty comments on his megaphone. In the end it were especially Gigi Rüf, who had the best pipe run and Benny Mösl, who bagged the best trick award with his Backside Rodeo Double Grab Stiffy, who had been pushed by that the most. But also hotzone's new team additon Alex Walch made an impression by sticking solid 9s and 10s all day long, winning best overall rider and Daniel Mösel was crowned craziest shredder of the day (check out the video coming out soon to find out more…). Additional Dude Awards for Great Riding were presented to Seppe Smits, Anthony Smits, David Bertschinger and Werni Stock.

The session was then transferred to the straight-down-box infront of the Fernerhaus for a cash for tricks jam. Henry Jackson called the trick the riders had to stomp and if they did, they could snatch the money right out of his hands. After all notes had been spent, the session continued without any rules and the riders pushed their creativity even further. Inspired by the new freedom riders like Paul Dreher, Gery Fuchs, Heisä or Woitek Pawlusiak from Poland nailed trick after trick, but in the end it was Salzburg rookie Fabian Wolfsgruber who took home the Rail Session Title for an incredible gap 270 frontside 180 switch 50/50 switch back1 50/50 front1 off.

As the day on the mountain came to end, action spilt over to the parking lot, where a huge bag jump was already waiting. Free for everyone, people threw themselves more or less gracefully off a crane into the huge airbag, while others indulged in Forum's Chilli Dog eating contest right in front of the bag.

At 9 pm time had come for the big Opening Night in the Hohenhaus Tenne in Hintertux, sponsored by Zillertaler snowboard shops hotzone.tv, Insider and The Seeker. Shuttle busses carted the party-eager crowds from Mayrhofen and Tux to Hintertux, where over 1100 guest celebrated the premiere of the new HOTZONE.TV team movie Dudeication. DJs, Demograffics, Simple and special guest YT from England subsequently took over the house and the crowd was rocking, getting wild and propping up the MCs till very late that night…

SUNDAY, October 4th 2009

…Nevertheless there was still a lot of action going on at the Pro Line, the Medium Kicker Line as well as the rails on Sunday and the pipe was graced with a huge session by Hotzone Cheffe Stoffl Huber himself, Gigi Rüf, Lars Oesterle, Marco Feichtner and the Smits brothers. In the mean time Werni Stock killed it on the Red Bull Can and motivated a whole bunch of other riders, to follow his lead and dedicate their attention to this special obstacle until also this day faded away. Just like last year the season start in Hintertux was a blaze. After unexpected powder masses and a top level park last year, the season opening 2009/10 satisfied the visitors with bluebird and perfectly shaped obstacles.

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Pictures by Christian "Eli" Eberl and Tom Gstoettner


Best Piperun: Gigi Rüf (AUT)

Best Trick:         Benny Mösl (AUT) Backside Rodeo-Double Grab Stiffy

Craziest Shredder:  Daniel Mösl (AUT)

Best Overall Rider: Alex Walch (AUT) zahlreiche 10er und 9er

Dude Awards for GOOD RIDING:

Werni Stock (AUT)

Seppe Smits (BEL)

Anthony Smits (BEL)

David Bertschinger (SUI)


Fabian Wolfsgruber (AUT) Gap 270, Frontside 180 Switch 50/50 Switch Back1 50/50 Front 1 Off