What do you get when you mix Videograss, Hana Beaman, the best park on Mt. Hood, and an all star cast of campers and staff? Session Two at High Cascade Snowboard Camp! Justin Meyer and his crew of snowboarding cronies descended upon camp and were skating and shredding in no time. Karaoke was sung, a roller rink was taken over, and a treasure trove of gear was handed out as campers had the best week of their lives.

On hill, the mini pipe and rail lines were firing. You couldn't look in any direction without seeing somebody fly off a quarter or boost from the pipe. Rumor has it that even Session Recap guru, Jon Stark, was out there getting clips. Ride and K2's Team Sports event rounded out the week with jaw clenching action never before seen in the High Cascade Main Park. In the end it was Team Danimals that thwarted young gun Spencer Schubert and his crew of boarders.

Stay tuned for the Session Recap, as it is sure to be filled with impressive boarding from the likes of Jed, Jake, Joe, Danimals, Fronius, and many more. Since Session Two is behind us we can now look forward to the Drink Water Rat Race, as Bryan Fox and friends make their way to Mt. Hood to shape a course of epic proportions. You can be sure that those hydration purists will construct nothing short of a masterpiece that would put a tear in Dale Senior's eye.


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