HCSC Session 6: All the Glory in a Gallery

The ender bender, better known as Session 6 just wrapped at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and it was filled with innovative  boardin' on the Palmer snowfield. Signature Session™ Pros Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, and Jesse Burtner were in town and threw down on the last nubbins of snow and coaches and campers laid it all out for the last session of the season. The world premiere of Think Thank’s Method's of Prediction went off as an ode to the end of summer snowboarding on Mount Hood, and it turned into one heck of a party. See who got the last of the goods in the gallery above.

Danny Kern-  @dannykernphotography 

Marc O'Malley – @marcomalley

Logan Guerry – @loganguerry 

Captions: Tom Johnson

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Brandon Sorel waves bye to another summer on the snowfield. Photo: Danny Kern

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