High Cascade Snowboard Camp : Session 5 Photo Recap

Matt Bourdreaux has a picture perfect Sw Method. Photo: Danny Kern
What type of Muzyk does Jake Kuzyk like? The Bluzyk? Photo: Danny Kern
End of the day, backpack on, Danimals is always down for a ride. Photo: Danny Kern
Jed Sky was never good at hitting piñata’s when he was a kid. Photo: Danny Kern
Parker Szumowski however, always got the candy on the first try. Photo: Danny Kern
Ever since Spencer Schubert bleached his hair, there’s been talking of him starting his own boy band, “The Back 3 Boys”
Don’t you wish you knew what Jed Anderson’s method was to being so good at everything? Photo: Marc O’Malley
Living in the city of Seattle Mary Rand know all about the sketchy methods that roam the streets. Photo: Brendan Hart
Once Jesse Paul realized he had leftover chicken salad for lunch he couldn’t stop spinning in circles. Photo: Marc O’Malley
We couldn’t get Jake Kuzyk to stop riding to take a photo with the campers so this will have to do. Photo: Brendan Hart
Blake Paul had get the aerial view to see if coach Logy B was filming on the QP, or just taking a selfie. Photo: Marc O’Malley
Camper Miles Fallon has been steadily progressing over the past few years and here he is with his first 1 foot backflip! Photo: Marc O’Malley

The days are long, the sun's been burning bright and shredding on Mount Hood has been all time this summer. Session 5 just wrapped at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and it was filled with all the shred shenanigans you could hope for.


Blake Paul, Mary Rand, Jesse Paul, Jed Sky, Danimals, Spencer Shubert, Jake Kuzyk and many more were among those ripping up the snowfield this session. While the pros were popping off all sorts of crazy tricks, campers were along side of them perfecting their moves while dialing in new tricks. Check out a glimpse of the action in the photo gallery above, and stay tuned for the video recap dropping soon.

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