High Cascade Snowboard Camp : Session 4 Photo Recap 2016

The man of the session ditches the Mini Pipe for the Big Jump. Bode Merrill – Back 180 Japan. Photo: Gill Montgomery
If you ask the campers, they’ll tell you Chris Beresford has a pretty Dang nice slash. Photo: Marc O’Malley
Cole Navin won the Transworld Rookie of the Year award this year and his head has been in the clouds ever since. Hardway FS 270. Photo: Marc O’Malley
Danny Davis may have gotten 3rd in the contest, but this is a 1st place looking lein air. Photo: Gill Montgomery
The heavens shined down on Head Coach Nick “Pops” Poplawski as he carves a spot on a snowboard that he carved out with a shovel. Photo: Danny Kern
A heavy media blitz could be seen on the deck of the Mini Pipe, Gabe Ferguson soared above it all. Photo: Gill Montgomery
All those energy drinks must make Louie Vito’s head a bit blurry. Photo: Gill Montgomery
We’d be lyon if we said we didn’t like this shot of Max Lyons. Photo: Gill Montgomery
While the 22 Foot Superpipe on Mt. Hood is not a backyard pool, Max Warbington takes a shot anyways at his best Tony Alva impersonation. Photo: Danny Kern
If Dinosaur remains were found in a flowing body of water would it make the River Richer? Photo: Danny Kernf
JD Dennis won “Best Flip” and this photo is the evidence. Photo: Gill Montgomery
We know you know Parker Szumowski, but have you met Kane? Photo: Danny Kern

It's wrong to pick favorites. But, gosh, Session 4, was exceptional in so many ways. Signature Session™ Pros Scott Stevens (creative mastermind), Bode Merrill (suspected superhuman), Desiree Melancon (overall genius), Chris Beresford (possible wizard) and Jesse Burtner (confirmed wizard) got everyone hyped on and off the hill. Think Thank gave campers and staff an exclusive showing of "The Weather Outside is Weather.” The Bode Merrill Double Quarterpipe Invitational also gave our campers an exclusive showing, but of the live, on-the-spot, Snapchat-worthy kind. High Cascade's Photo Camp also played into our bias for Session 4. A crop of am photographers had the opportunity to receive the teachings of the four Mr. Miyagis of snowboarding photography: Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman, Darcy Bacha, and Chris Wellhausen. By the end of the week campers were producing magazine-grade shots. And all of these factors were merely the frills—Session 4 was also just maxed out with tons of snowboarding, skateboarding, rad activities and camp awesomeness!

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