It's wrong to pick favorites. But, gosh, Session 4, was exceptional in so many ways. Signature Session™ Pros Scott Stevens (creative mastermind), Bode Merrill (suspected superhuman), Desiree Melancon (overall genius), Chris Beresford (possible wizard) and Jesse Burtner (confirmed wizard) got everyone hyped on and off the hill. Think Thank gave campers and staff an exclusive showing of "The Weather Outside is Weather.” The Bode Merrill Double Quarterpipe Invitational also gave our campers an exclusive showing, but of the live, on-the-spot, Snapchat-worthy kind. High Cascade's Photo Camp also played into our bias for Session 4. A crop of am photographers had the opportunity to receive the teachings of the four Mr. Miyagis of snowboarding photography: Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman, Darcy Bacha, and Chris Wellhausen. By the end of the week campers were producing magazine-grade shots. And all of these factors were merely the frills—Session 4 was also just maxed out with tons of snowboarding, skateboarding, rad activities and camp awesomeness!

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