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2BrandonCocard_WallieBS180Indy_DannyKern copy
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4MadisonBlackley_BSInvert_DannyKern copy
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High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 4 Photo Recap 2015

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 4 Photo Recap

Words: Tom Johnson

Photos: Danny Kern & Marc O’Malley

If you thought that the turning and burning all happened during Session 3 in the Drink Water Rat Race, you thought wrong because Session 4 was all about using your edges! Campers, staff members, and Signature Session™ Pros Bode Merrill, Chris Beresford, Brandon Cocard, and Jess Kimura, were cruising through the banked slalom and perfecting jump and rail tricks in the Private Parks, all while lapping the Palmer chairlift. Back in Government Camp, the Streetcourse™ was heating up, dodgeballs were tossed, t-shirts were tie-dyed, and it was hard to keep track of how much fun was had, good thing it’s going to go down again during Session 5.

Very limited space is still available for Session 6. For more information, visit the dates and prices page on our websitehighcascade.com

2BrandonCocard_WallieBS180Indy_DannyKern copy

Brandon Cocard. Photo: Danny Kern

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