With the fifth annual Drink Water Rat Race taking place during Session 3 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, it was a super special week. The raddest rodents in snowboarding carved their way from various parts of the world to compete in this celeb-studded slush fest. Terje Haakonsen, Sage Kotsenburg, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Louif Paradis, Jake Blauvelt, Ikka Backstrom, Hana Beaman, Danny Davis, Pikachu, and many more graced Mt. Hood's snow with their energy and edges. As if there weren't enough of snowboarding's elite, High Cascade's Signature Session™ Pros Tim Eddy, Spencer O'Brien, Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, and Bryan Fox made their presence strongly felt throughout camp (Austin's presence was mostly stingingly felt in dodgeball). Session 3 did have some pesky rain days, but also received fresh snow in July, and had another unforgettable week on Mt. Hood!

The camp train continues on, but for now, relive all the magic from session 3 at HCSC above.

Watch the HCSC Session 2 video highlights!

An overall nice performance from Sam Taxwood at the rat race, even though he didn't crack the top 10. Photo: Gill Montgomery

Sam Taxwood arcing his way through the Rat Race course.  Photo: Gill Montgomery

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