Year after year, Mount Hood draws thousands of snowboarders looking to slide sideways and slash slush with friends throughout the summer. The Drink Water Rat Race, a grassroots event with a draw like no other, took over Mount Hood during Session 3 at High Cascade.

The event brought together riders from all around the world for a fun, slushy banked slalom event that raised over 20k for Pros Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Custis Ciszek, Leanne Pelosi, Spencer O'Brien, and Tim Eddy joined HCSC's coaches, campers, along with some of the best pros in the world for the super fun and fast event. The HCSC Private Parks were also the scene of heavy action on the Palmer snowfield. Check out the photos from Session 3 above and stay tuned for the video recap.

Want to Ride at HCSC this summer? Cool! There's actually still space available during Sessions 5 and 6. Visit or give them a call at 503.206.8520.


Brady Lem. Photo: Danny Kern

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