High Cascade Snowboard Camp 2017 – Session Two Recap

Ari Morrone has been elevating her game all summer. It's no suprise to see her above Jefferson. PHOTO: AG Photographix
It's been weeks of blue skies that have made way for some serious views. Campers were claiming they saw Japan all the way from the #HCSC park, but really it was just Dru Brownrigg putting a Mctwist on it. PHOTO: AG Photographix
Dusty Miller didn't dust off the cobbwebbs this summer, he kicked them out. PHOTO: Joe Craig
Gabe Ferguson reels in a stalefish in the deep blue Cascade sea. PHOTO: Tyler Benton
The jersey barriers are meant to contain traffic. Do you think Grant nose that? PHOTO: Tyler Benton
With snags like this, K-Unit First Lady Jackie Lammert is about to supply camp with a hot lunch. PHOTO: AG Photographix
Damn Daniel. Mike McDaniels goes head over heels white vans and all. PHOTO: AG Photographix
We told you last week and we'll double the statement. Reid Smith is going to air this place out! PHOTO: AG Photographix
Reid Smith showing how glorious "Just the tip" can actually be. PHOTO: AG Photographix
River Richer's switch game is as good as it gets. If only his barber was this nice with it. #FroHawk. PHOTO: AG Photographix
From the looks of it spending the winter with Ben Ferguson paid off. Here's Tyler Orton scratching the surface of his own "Hail Mary". P: AG Photographix

Words | Brendon Rego   Photos | Joe Craig, Tyler Benton, AG


High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 2 went off with a bang! Mother Nature & HCSC teamed up to provide a 1-2 punch that could be felt across the Cascades. Every single day consisted of absolutely gorgeous weather; calm skies, sun, slush, and a private park sculpted to perfection. Signature Session™ Pros Ben Ferguson, Hana Beaman, & company were greeted by the best conditions to show the campers what it's like to be wizards of board control. The Ferguson brothers took to the transitions of the park to provide what looked like a constant six day on-hill demo. Hana Beaman held down a mini-jump clinic on day three that had the kids & adult campers alike turning and burning into the air. With gorgeous weather continuing to be projected into the forecast, Mt. Hood is going to continue to bless us with uniquely soft snow and COOL summer experiences!

If you're itching to be back on your snowboard, High Cascade still has open space in the upcoming sessions. It's not too late to sign up and join High Cascade's summer snowboard party at Mt. Hood!