PHOTOS| AG, Tyler Benton

Let's chalk up another win for team High Cascade because Session 4 just went off with a bang! Session 4 drafted Signature Session™ Pros Chris Grenier, Chris Beresford, Desiree Melancon, Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill who batted .1000 all week! Bode Merrill held the 6th Annual Merrill Minipipe Invitational, which made for an exceptional showing of live, on-the-spot action that had phones blazing, cameras snapping, and campers clapping. HCSC Coach Max Warbington made history with the first ever MMPI 2-peat! Max joined the likes of Scott Blum, Louie Vito, Danny Davis, Hans Mindnich, Nils Mindnich, and Forest Bailey to put on one heck of a showing.

On the off-hill side of things, the High Cascade Photo Workshop was going off thanks to snowboard photog wizards Andy Wright, Darcy Barca, and Tim Zimmerman. This provided snowboard photo ams the opportunity to receive the teachings of the wise and implement new technique on and off the hill. By the end of the week our K-Unit was littered with magazine quality shots that had campers, staff, & guests in awe following their meals. All in all, it was just maxed out with pure unadulterated awesomeness.

There is one more session to go so stay tuned until the last drop!

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