PHOTOS| AG, Tyler Benton, Joe Craig

Here at TransWorld SNOWboarding, we pride ourselves on giving people choices. So for the Session 6 High Cascade Snowboard Camp photo recap, we are giving you a choice. Scroll left to right and enjoy the photos, or scroll up and down to enjoy the same photos. We are all snowboarders and our preference on scrolling doesn’t matter. Viewing equality for all!

Do you think John Garoutte did a celebratory board clap after this frontboard snap? PHOTO: Joe Craig

Lucio was keeping the HCSC lane JUICY, YO! PHOTO: Tyler Benton

Its always #NOONatLOON somewhere! PHOTO: Tyler Benton

River Richer poking fun at friends. PHOTO: AG Photographix

Reilly Tardiff — two tricks, one rail. PHOTO: Tyler Benton

We are not sure what type of bird Peter Limberg’s spirit animal is…but it’s a bird for sure. PHOTO: Tyler Benton

Mike McDaniel planting in the park looking extra fly, headphones bumping Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky.” PHOTO: Joe Craig

What’s for lunch Jed? Chicken salad blunt wrap. PHOTO: AG Photographix

Erik Leon planting the seed for future generations to come ride HCSC. PHOTO: AG Photographix

This photo may raise a couple questions, but rest assured #HIGHCASCADERIPS. PHOTO: AG Photographix

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