Words: Carson Schubert

With a mantra like 100% Snowboarding and Authorized Awesome™ there is no wonder why heaps of campers flock to Government Camp, Oregon to partake in what is without a doubt the best 8 days of their year. Many of these miniature humans have spent the entire winter begging their parents to come to camp.  When they finally pass through the golden gates of summer snowboarding there is a good chance they may wet their pants while screaming at the top of their lungs with a Cobra Dog in one hand and a Volcano Cone in the other. Yes, that's how amazing High Cascade Snowboard Camp is every year and this is the year to top them all.

Session One came hot out the gates with snowboard legends JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Seth HuotHana Beaman, and Robin Van Gyn as High Cascades Signature Session™ pros. All of them spent their week in Govy shredding the mini-pipe by day and battling face-to-face in donut eating contests by night (special shout-out to the camper who put down six donuts in two and a half minutes).

In addition to the Signature Sessioners™ many other High Cascade favorites could be found shredding the facilities. Jed Anderson put an absolute beating on the skate park along with Austin Smith and Sage Kotsenburg sending on-hill jumps deeper than the Pacific. That was just the beginning; with the slight turn of a head one could find Spencer Schubert doing never-been-done tricks on the rail line, Jaeger Bailey and Jonathan McDonald crushing the medium jump and Mike Ravelson was letting 'em know how to hand plant on the Quarter Pipe/Hip feature.

A wee bit of rain didn't stop the fun as Activity day gave the campers a chance to buy some somewhat-fresh threads from the thrift store or skate the super-exclusive Nike indoor skate park with JP, Jeremy, Seth, and Johnny O'Conner. If skating or thrifting weren't your forte than campers also had the option of white water rafting down the Deschutes River.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. After a hefty giveaway raffle and session video premier campers headed back to their chalets and started crossing off the days until next year. Luckily for High Cascade things are just getting started and the rest of a ripping summer lies ahead with more pros, activities and much more fun to come.

Austin Smith sliding some metal. PHOTO: Greg Furey.