Helly Hansen Offers Promo DVDS

BELLEVUE, Wash. (August 25, 2003) — Various wintersports brands have frequently used CDs and more recently DVDs to reach action sports consumers but the results have often been lame 5 to 10 minute productions that usually don’t get much more than a yawn out of viewers. Helly Hansen is about to take promo material to the next level with the release of its DVD production called Lifted, featuring more than an hour-and-a-half of ski and snowboard film footage, rider interviews, athlete home videos, new product previews, teasers, and hidden bonus tracks.

Lifted will be distributed for free this winter to over 200,000 skiers and snowboarders through inserts in popular wintersport publications in North America and Europe, through Helly-sponsored events, core retail shops and the HH website, hellyhansen.com.

The DVD was put together by Gary Winberg, Helly Hansen’s international sports marketing manager, and edited by innovative film-maker Kris Ostness, with creative assistance from Cinco Design in Portland, and encoding/authoring from Champion Visions in Seattle.

Lifted features footage of Helly Hansen skiers Eric Pollard, Vincent Dorion, Mike Wilson, the Collins Brothers and Stian Hagen; and snowboarders Shin Campos, Eric Themel, Brandon Ruff, David Melancon and Roger Hjelmstadstuen. Winberg sourced footage from the top production companies, including Matchstick, Standard, Absinthe, Poor Boyz and half-a-dozen others to craft a short film embedded in the DVD that follows the team from big mountain descents, to terrain park sessions and competitions. The team interviews are a highlight of the production. Several were filmed by Ostness in his trademark artistic style.

Viewers who click through the menu screens can check out teasers from the latest Helly Hansen-sponsored films by Matchstick, Standard and Absinthe. The bonus section has a couple of secret elements to it that can only be unveiled with a little research. Winberg anticipates the first round will go fast so he’s considering burning a second set of DVDs for those who miss out. Visit hellyhansen.com to get a free copy of Lifted while supplies last.