Helen Schettini : Full Moon

Helen Schettini is a force in the backcountry. She is calculated, yet exudes explosive style and is a key member of Full Moon. Whistler Backcountry | Photo: Ben Girardi
Alaska 2016 | Photo: Ben Girardi
Whistler Backcountry | Photo: Darcy Bacha
Alaska 2016 | Photo: Chad Chomlack
Ever so graceful on and off her snowboard, Helen is inspirational in many ways. Photo: Chad Chomlack
Whistler Backcountry | Photo: Ben Girardi

Helen Schettini was raised in snowy environments and encouraged to start snowboarding by her older brother. By age 14, she was getting into the competitive side of the sport and was involved in the Kamloops Snowboard Club in halfpipe, boardercross, and slalom. As she continued to ride and progress in the freestyle realm, she dropped slalom, boardercross, and ultimately halfpipe, and set her sights on becoming a backcountry guru. She moved to Whistler, got bitten by the powder bug, and hasn’t looked back.

She burst onto the scene and has filmed full parts for the last five years and remains on top of the Whistler Backcountry circles. Helen is looking forward to the upcoming season and plans to travel and take advantage of the snow in and around her home in Whistler, Canada.

Helen on her influencers:
My brother got me into snowboarding. I was a competitive ski racer before, but I wasn’t having that much fun doing it anymore. It was way too serious. So I tried snowboarding and got hooked right away. I looked up to my brother the most— whenever you get a compliment from an older brother, it really resonates. I was also influenced by the local riders in Kamloops, where I grew up. Victoria Jealouse was from Kamloops. I had her on this pedestal growing up, and I still do. Chris Dufficy was also a Kamloops native and seeing his accomplishments really made me see how it is possible to be successful in this career path.


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“Don't let her her dainty exterior fool you, Helen is a charger. The woman knows what she wants and continuously surprising everyone. Snowboarding with her is motivating because she never stops. Seriously, she never chills. Whether it’s hiking, shoveling, sledding, or sending herself off a cliff, she is always one step ahead. The perfect partner in crime and always down to try something new.” – Annie Boulanger

Full Moon is a two year film project that seeks to feature the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding. Get to know the crew.