Heelside Keeps Board Factory Stateside

Heelside has decided not to move their board factory from Hood River, Oregon to their new boot and binding factory in China. Heelside currently owns and operates a Boot andBinding factory in China and a Snowboard factory in Hood River, Oregon. Heelside is the only snowboard company to manufacture all of their product offerings in their own facilities.

For most it would seem logical for Heelside to combine both operations under one roof in China. This is very far from the truth according to Jim Ferguson, President of Heelside.

“For Boots, China makes a lot of sense as Boot production is very labor intensive and the labor savings in China are significant. Additionally, the labor pool in China is very familiar with the demands of footwear production and is one of the most highly skilled labor forces when it comes to the needs of producing athletic footwear. Board production is not as labor intensive. We estimate the labor savings from a move to China to be less than $7 per board. That savings is quickly eaten up by higher raw material costs, freight to the USA, and higher management costs. We have determined that we can make higher quality boards at a lower cost in our factory in Hood River, Oregon, so why move? It doesn’t make sense.”

There is not another company in the snow sports industry better suited for Asian Manufacturing. Heelside’s resourcing and production staff has more than 15 years experience in Chinese manufacturing. While other companies are scrambling to transfer their manufacturing to sub-contractors in China, we are expanding our second Heelside exclusive facility.

For more information, please contact Heelside in Hood River, Oregon via phone (541)386-6673 or fax (541)386-6431.