Heelside Announces Homegrown Tour

So you’ve seen all the ads, heard all the hype, well here’s the Lowdown…

Heelside Snowboards has launched the 2001/2002 Homegrown Tour. The tour will consist of consumer product demos, filming for the upcoming full length Homegrown video, and the chance of a lifetime to one lucky rider. Each person that demos gear will receive a free bar of chocolate scented wax from Slick Willy and in one of the bars will be a golden ticket. The recipient will be flown to Hood River, OR for a tour of the Heelside factory. The winner will have the opportunity to build their own board with their choice of graphics, and then ride it for a week at Windells Snowboard Camp on Mount Hood.

The Heelside team will make 40 stops at resorts across the U.S. and Canada giving riders the chance to not only demo new gear, but also to ride with the team. Everyone that attends is sure to have a good time, pick up some Heelside swag, and have the chance to get filmed for the unsponsored amateur section.

Check www.heelside.com for weekly video updates and dates when we will be in your town.