Head Develops New Board Technology

Following the successful introduction and further development of HEAD’s own INTELLIGENCE"¢ technology in tennis rackets and skis, the innovative chip-controlled Intellifibers"¢ can now also be found in the new snowboards for the 2003-2004 season.

Our developers at HEAD Snowboards already began building the INTELLIGENCE"¢ chip technology into board prototypes and subjecting them to extensive laboratory and practical testing early on.

Following conclusion of the test phase, the unique performance advantages for snowboards had been clearly identified and were ready for further development to reach series maturity with the support of the HEAD Pro Team riders.

Behind shape development and the entire performance of the INTELLIGENCE"¢ boards is no less than Peter Bauer, who following 16 years of cooperation with Burton, switched over to HEAD Snowboards mid-year in favor of a development and advisory function.

The result is a completely new board line, consisting of eight boards in four different widths ( HEAD Dimensional Concept for optimal correlation of boot-length and board-width), that enables unprecedented board-control thanks to its unique performance at high speeds and on hard slopes.

At the ISPO 2003, the entire line of INTELLIGENCE boards will be introduced to the retail market for the first time.

INTELLIGENCE"¢ Chip Technology

Imagine a board that simply adapts to the prevailing slope conditions. A board that changes its flex according to how fast and in what kind of terrain you’re riding. A board that not only absorbs vibrations, but shoots them right back at you, giving you more snap and edge-grip — just then when you need it most: “pushing your limits.

The new high-end board line for 2003-2004 is equipped with HEAD INTELLIGENCE:

the Intellifibers"¢, built into the board before the binding, transform vibrations into electronic impulses.

a microchip intensifies these impulses and sends them immediately back to the Intellifibers"¢, causing them to stiffen.

On soft slopes ( powder or slush ), the INTELLIGENCE board relaxes and is its normal calm and easy-going self. At higher speeds on harder slopes, the Intellifibers"¢ begin sending electrical impulses to the microchip — the chip fires them back with programmed frequency and strength, causing the Intellifibers"¢ to stiffen and stabilize the board.

The board’s torsion is stiffened, keeping its edge better in the snow.

The board eliminates longitudinal vibrations, enabling you to better concentrate on your take-off.

All that happens in 0.005 seconds. The board reacts quicker than you yourself are capable of thinking. And that’s why we at HEAD Snowboards think of an INTELLIGENCE board as a board with its own instinctive muscle.

Do we have to add that the INTELLIGENCE board is the first of its kind ?

Do we have to add that its performance is far above and beyond that of the

existing boards we know ?

Do we have to give you a crash-course in electronics to understand all this ?

Ride it and you’ll know