Jamie Anderson and the FRENDS Crew dropped in at HCSC for session two and things have been heating up ever since. We haven't been able to spot one single cloud so far and after day two the goggle tans are starting to show. In their normal fashion the diggers have been maintaining their tans as well as the flawless park this session. New features this session include pole jams, up rails, mini-QP's with coping and Burton's signature "camber and reverse camber" boxes.

First day on hill went off with an all-girls, down-side-up session at the bottom of the superpipe. Yep, we're talking backflips ladies, and lots of 'em! Counselor turned coach Terri Mayrer was seen with her feet above her head more than a few times while counselors Hannah Fuller and Lindsey Haydis demonstrated ho-ho's and other handplant variations.

All girls skate went down today at the bowls and the POM POM sponsor Farts and Crafts contest went off tonight with free wax for all the ladies. At the afternoon girls wax clinic coaches Kara Strehle and Iris Lazz showed everyone how to properly wax their boards for maximum velocity with One Ball Jay and POM POM wax. Still coming this week- more girls skate sessions, Roxy tie-dye and the famed Ladies Lipstick contest. Stay tuned for more updates on HCSC girl happenings- session two shows no signs of slowing down!

(Above) Coach Cara Stehle doing video analysis. Photo: Aaron Blatt