Hansen’s Boardroom Hosts Girls-Only Promotion

With the snowboard season around the corner, Hansen’s Boardroom in Encinitas, California helped boost the vibe within the female population with its first all-girls promotion. On the evening of November 4, nearly 200 women of all ages turned out for Girls Night on the snowboard ramp. There they met pro riders, talked to reps, and most importantly, honed riding skills at Adventure Ski and Snowboard School.

Patty McGriff, Hansen’s manager and buyer, organized the event and says the turnout was better than expected. “We thought it would be cool to do a promotion for girls,” she says. “There’re so many events that are more oriented for guys, with their brands and guy riders. And there’s so much excitement with the girl side of snowboarding right now.”

Reps from Burton, Dragon, K2, Prom, Ride, Sims, and Spy set up booths to showcase products, give away stickers and posters, and answer questions about snowboarding. Local pro riders who stopped by were Circe Wallace, Shannon Dunn, Cara-Beth Burnside, and Victoria Jealouse.

A raffle held toward the end of the event gave a few lucky winners clothing from Cold As Ice, Deep, Prom, and Volcom, along with goggles from Arnette, Smith, and Spy, and assorted products from Burton.

“I though the turnout was awesome and the concept was great,” says Maia Huckeba, Cold As Ice’s marketing manager. “There’s a lot of potential to make this a really big event.”

The Adventure Ski and Snowboard School, located just behind Hansen’s, offered an incredible draw as well. The carpet-covered slope gave snowboarders of all levels the feel for riding. Kent Bry runs the school and was accompanied by Jessa James and Leslie Bauman. Approximately 38 girls strapped into boards and tested their legs on the run. “There were probably well over 50 girls who would have liked to try it, but didn’t because we ran out of time,” Bry says.

In case you missed out, according to McGriff, Hansen’s will definitely host this event again soon.

-Robyn Hakes