Starring Shannon Dunn

“This trick is a good ol’ fashioned handplant called an Andrecht. Kurt Heine, the handplant master, gave me a lesson on how to do this trick.”

1. Go straight up the backside wall with as much speed as you’d carry to do a two-foot air.

2. When your tail reaches the top of the lip-pop off the tail and start to look down.

3. When you spot the lip, reach out and place your hand on top of the lip. A straight arm will give you the most leverage, so as soon as you place your hand down, extend your arm.

4. The most natural grab for me is a method (Andrecht). To do this, you really have to arch your back to get the grab.

5. You reenter the pipe by pushing off the lip and tucking your knees. If you push off hard enough you should have enough speed for the next wall.

6. Once you have this dialed, throw on a neon outfit, think of Duckboy, and try Elguerials!

Shannon Dunn has spent part of the last eight summers coaching and riding at Mt. Hood. She also spends part of her summers surfing in San Diego, and says she loves riding halfpipes, but can’t wait to start surfing pow.