Check out Shaun White’s newest take on the 1260—the double McTwist 1260.


A Breakdown Of The Tricks We'll See In Vancouver

Double-Cork Defined: A double-cork is any trick that incorporates two
flips with multiple spins.

At the last Winter Olympics in Torino, all the talk was about back-to-back tricks. Shaun White won with a straight air, a McTwist, and then back-to-back tens and nines. What a difference four years makes—or really, one year. Just a year ago, double-corks weren't even considered a pipe trick, now, if you don't have a double, you don't have a chance. And that's going to make for one hell of a show at Cypress.

Take Mike Jankowski's word for it, he's the U.S. Snowboarding Team's head halfpipe coach: "The trick combos will be out of this world with back-to-back double-cork tens, a backside double-cork 1080, and maybe a switch backside 900 to top it off. There could be a Cab 1260 in there as well for the finishing touch. The top riders will have a deep bag of tricks, so getting creative with the combos will have a big effect on the outcome."

It's no surprise that Shaun's a favorite for the 2010 Olympics—he's got three double-corks dialed, at this point, all the other riders are really just trying to catch up. Mike adds, "If Shaun goes big and stomps a run that has three doubles, a switch backside spin and a 1260, it is safe to say that it is going to be extremely hard to beat. There are a few guys out there that already have one or two double-corks in their bag of tricks and will likely add another by the time February comes around."

Louie Vito, Greg Bretz, and Scotty Lago, all have at least one double-cork. And let us not forget our friends across the pond—Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland, Nathan Johnstone of Australia, and Mathieu Crepel of France all have solid double-cork tens. And it's anyone's guess how many other riders will have them come competition day at Cypress. But one thing is for sure: snowboarding will never be the same after the season of 2009/2010. Mike Jankowski sums it up best, "Change does not come often and it does not come easily. The true heroes are these riders who are taking giant leaps into the unknown and exploring the possibilities of what can be done."

“The level of halfpipe riding has skyrocketed exponentially beyond what anyone really expected to happen. The upcoming Olympics definitely fuels the fire into a frenzy of progression."—Mike Jankowski

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