We might be sending it like space cadets headed to the moon, but it’s a Happy Earth Day to all.

The Grenade Games are nothing short of an ode to snowboarding. It chases winter up north to Whistler as it recedes for the season. It’s a packed gathering and goodbye to the shred. It’s lively like spring growth and it crawls out of the wet slush. The RV is out front, with a parched, dirty smear from loads of winter driving. Danny Kass and cohorts just wheeled it back from a long stint in AK. Everyone’s here thawing out from the season. Now that this six-day festivity has hit its midpoint and the weather has cleared, Grenade Games Six is seriously underway.

(All photos by Russell Dalby)

The slushy pipe has yet to be slayed. The Caesar challenges are underway. And aside from getting weird (that’s an event in itself…and the weirder the better) there are scores to be settled. Speaking of which, today’s spectacle went down at the dual slalom moguls course. It was head to head timed laps down a rumble of moguls as steep and pointy as Johnny Mosley’s nose. The blue course was faster from the start, but once ruts got carved in the red course, it was a neck and neck. Inverts were encouraged.

Tyler Verrigan strung through both lanes faster than anyone had anticipated. But after all the bumps had been bashed, Myrosha Daley, Travis Williams and Pablo Aristeguieta came out on top. They each picked up limited Grenade Games decks from Lib and some badass soldier trophies. Mark Sollars didn’t go home alone either. He picked up “most radical dude” of the day. We can’t wait to see how radical he got this season while filming for In Color.

After the mogul event everything pooled into the Whistler village. Gigi’s face lit up when we got to the bottom. “He’s giving that away?” Pointing to a brand new Camaro. “No way. Damn, I should have got in that mogul race,” he laughs.

Word is Kass has four keys to a new whip. One of them unlocks it. Riders have a chance to snag one of the keys throughout the Games. Whoever is shredding tough and catching Danny’s eye may be driving it home. That’s just the added bonus, because there’s still a pile of loot to win at the pipe and grand finale event.

There’s no sign of slowing down and the sun sets late here in the Northern latitudes. Stay tuned for more. Or better yet, come join the bash.