Night time. Photo: Russell Dalby

Night time. Photo: Russell Dalby

Grenade Games Six Grand Finale
“We choose to go to the moon” – John F Kennedy

By the hoards of people looming at the base of Whistler, to the crawling allies of the village and roaring stages, you could say Grenade Games and the World Ski and Snowboard Festival is easily one of the largest snow-art-music-culture bashes to hit North America. With its second year in Whis’, Grenade Games is a new vein of the event as it spewed snowboarding, music and mayhem for five full days. Countless riders passed by for a visit. Gigi Ruf, Romain De Marchi, Mike Basich, Kale Stephens. All kinds of un-contest riders were present. With the Superpipe and Grand Finale wrapping up the last of the on-snow action for the event, and here’s what went down.

(Stay tuned for the finale video).

TJ Schneider rode the halfpipe for the first time of the season and won $500. Justin Lamoureaux, Kyle Thomas and Jordan Phillips tore up the 24-footer to take the three big checks. For more on the giant U-ditch, check the Grenade Games Six Pipe Results.

Even though Whistler Blackcomb had one of the snowiest years on record, there was barely enough snow smeared down in to the base area to create a course at the step of the village. Things started off with a multi-lip takeoff jump with a jib option, to big 'ol wood pole jam, then mini hip and picnic table. The Grenade RV was jammed into the base of the course and proved a crowd pleaser where riders sessioned it until the end. Kael Hill flung himself atop and directly at it, shortly after whatever substance he was on kicked in. Thankfully he put his clothes back on for the rest of the evening. That opened things up for Zak Hale, Danny Kass, Darrell Mathes, and posse to session the four-foot quarterpipe to vehicle jib.

Mark Sollars had the smoothest back three nose taps on the pole jam. He stomped everyone except for his final run. The jump nearly saw some serious carnage (check the opening video tease), like a repeat of David Fortin’s attempt to clear the butter box last year. But in a shift of change, David actually won. He stomped a front nine, black flip off the pole jam and method over the hip. Andrew Burns snagged second by stomping from 3pm to the events close at 10pm. And Zak Stone took third. Kale Hill got the “spaced out award”of the night and TJ Schneider picked up another “radical dude award.”

In the high stakes for the Camaro keys, the last two went to weeklong radical dudes Dustin Craven and Mark Sollars. They meet up with the other two Telus Festival key bearers this afternoon to see which key fits.

In weird event news surrounding the shred scene during Grenade Games Six….Mikkel Bang broke his wrist skating the Squamish park. Then, four days later he broke his thumb on the same hand while skating the Whistler park. He’s off for surgery and still the happiest kid in the planet. Iikka Backstrom chipped a tooth while wrestling a glass bottle. Everyone who trickled through on the way down from Tailgate Alaska had rugged tales. Cody Dresser still kills it on a snowboard. Mark Sollars broke some fingers bombing moguls. Kael Hill is half hesh, half banger. Jarad Hadi and Tyler Verrigan have some of the freshest new flatland tricks. Craven is still crusty. And…Danny Kass and crew throw the best event of the year.

Grenade Games Grand Finale Results

1. David Fortin
2. Andrew Burns
3. Zak Stone

“Spaced Out Award” – Kael Hill
“Radical Dude Award” – TJ Schneider

Grenade Games Superpipe Results

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