Certain death, gravity told to get bent at Grenade Games 9

Grenade Games is one of those events that a rider needs to be a part of at least once. Get some buds together, ideally a large van full of gas, beer, water, and deli meats, and get there. We did, and it was probably one of the best weekends of the season. Didn’t even get kicked out of any Mammoth Lakes restaurants. At least it wasn’t me personally this time.

grenade games 9 snowboarding photos mammoth mountain monster energy girls

Maxwell Scott met some real nice ladies at Grenade Games. Photo: Nick Hamilton

The thing about Grenade Games being at Mammoth is that this is where Grenade really happened. Where the whole movement took off. To have the games come back here after such a hiatus is pretty cool. Full circle, like just about everything else. Kass, Lane Knaack, Colin Langlois, Kevin Casillo, Sketchy D, Doran Layborn, all in attendance. I probably missed others while I was getting the bartender’s attention.

Grenade Games 9

The Chinese Downhill at Grenade Games 9. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

It’s a gathering of the tribe, one of those events where you just keep running into friendly faces, new and old. One of those throwback kind of events where it’s just about riding, having good times with everyone around you whether you know them or not, sharing stories and laughs. Peeling yourself out of bed, looking at the mountain and telling yourself that two hours of sleep will just have to do.


Danny Davis is no stranger to big frontside airs, nor is he a stranger to the Mammoth Superpipe. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

And then in all the chaos, insane snowboarding goes down. All of these people are going to Jamaica because they boarded real well last weekend. These are the winners and the zone they won.

Pipe: Danny Davis

Moguls: Dylan Alito

Dual Slalom: Zak Hale

Chinese Downhill: Mat Galina

Radical Babe(s) Award: Desiree Melancon / Hana Beaman

Radical Dude Award: Rip Zinger