Grenade Games 9 at Mammoth Mountain: Day 1 Recap

Certain death, gravity told to get lost at Grenade Games 9

A friend of mine went behind the counter of a late-night food spot, cleared the bench of all the ingredients, and when he was inevitably kicked out, proceeded to piss on an Audi A4. NOFX is playing a show outside Main Lodge. It’s in the high 70’s. Welcome, my friends, to Grenade Games 9 at Mammoth Mountain, California.

This marks a special year for Grenade Games. Not because anyone particularly likes the number nine, though Magic Hat #9 is a pretty good beer, and Ted Williams wore #9 for the Boston Red Sox, and cats certainly like it because they have nine lives. No, it’s because we’re here at Mammoth, where the whole Grenade thing really took off, and you have Kass, sure enough, but then Lane Knaack’s here, Sketchy D, Colin Langlois, a lot of the original crew in town. Then you have the always talented Monster girls. Oh yeah, Little Jon and The Game are here too. They’re down for snowboarding.

Events like Grenade Games are what’s good. Just a gathering, a party, not some point driven hurry up and wait deal. Handplant contests, Chinese Downhill, the bowl in Main Park, teepees. The stickers: “Pet The Pussy” “MEOW” “I saw the Dingo cough up a furball” “I Drank Purple Rain.”

Grenade Games 9. Stay tuned for more coverage soon